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01/06/2021 - 11:00 AM

A New Year’s Gift from Delta! The Newly Launched DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite is Free for Registration and Download Now

Delta just announced the official launch of its DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite in December. DIAStudio is an integrated all-in-one engineering platform for building equipment systems, covering product selection and setting and configuring Delta’s automation products. It is compatible with our current programming software (ISPSoft PLC programming software and DOPSoft HMI editing software), and can simplify and reduce the time required for machinery system settings. DIAStudio has been followed and highly anticipated by many users during testing, and it is now ready. Delta is now offering free registration and download.

A New Year’s Gift from Delta! The Newly Launched DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite is Free for Registration and Download Now

DIAStudio was designed for advanced equipment system engineering. Tasks such as product selection (Delta’s HMIs, PLCs, AC Servo Motors and Drives, AC Motor Drives), PLC programming, quantitative parameter setting, machine tuning and HMI integration can all be executed smoothly on one platform. It simplifies the system development process to greatly enhance efficiency and save time and manpower.

The new DIAStudio features four key tools, including the latest motion control programming software to satisfy customer needs for advanced machine system building.

DIASelector smart selection tool: Provides a PC (Windows) and APP-based (Android) mechanism for quick product selection in the machine system. 

DIADesigner & DIADesigner-AX development & engineering software:

  • DIADesigner is an integrated development & engineering software, and DIADesigner-AX is for motion development and engineering. Both DIADesigner and DIADesigner-AX comply with IEC61131-3 and support LC, ST and SFC programming for PLCs or motion controllers. Users can complete the programming, configuration and commissioning of Delta’s automation products on one single platform for easy project management of a variety of industrial applications.
  • DIADesigner, an integrated development & engineering software, allows the programming and editing of Delta’s PLCs, HMIs, AC motor drives and servo drives. Its built-in DIACOM supports direct connection to the DIACloud cloud platform for remote equipment settings, saving travel time and costs for your equipment engineers. This feature allows users to continue working and help customers despite the restrictions of social distancing and lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • DIADesigner-AX for motion development and engineering supports Delta’s new generation AX Series motion controllers, including the PC-Based Motion Controller AX-8 Series and PLC-Based Motion Controller AX-3 Series. It features a variety of built-in application commands and a powerful motion control library for users to quickly adopt and complete the configuration and settings of motion control systems. The secondary development allows customized functions according to user needs.
  • The two software solutions make your equipment system integration simpler and more resilient. In addition, when all settings are completed, DIADesigner and DIADesigner-AX automatically share the variable tags with DIAScreen to save manual work. 
  • DIAScreen intuitive visualization software: Provides wizards for configuration, communication, and operation interface design for HMIs and text panels. With built-in graphs and elements, users can quickly build an intuitive visualization interface for a variety of industries. The account / user authority management and operation recording functions allow easy and secure user management. 

Register and download the DIAStudio now for free at: http://diastudio.deltaww.com/Home

You can also find an instruction video, FAQs and a user manual for an optimal time-saving machine building experience.

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