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22/06/2020 - 17:21 PM

Farm Management System


  • Currently, farms in our country have to spend a large amount of production and labor costs in managing and controlling farm conditions. Farm managers often find it difficult to operate due to outdated, manual management methods.
  • Because our country belongs to the tropical monsoon climate, the weather is constantly changing as well as epidemics often occur.
  • Output is unstable due to substandard production.
  • Therefore, the farm management and operation has become an urgent issue that is of concern today. 


To solve the above problem, Etec offers a solution: The farm management system uses Delta equipment. Includes control cabinets at farms and control cabinets at the center. The cabinets from the farms will be connected to the center to control and monitor the whole system. Now we can reduce operating labor as well as production costs.


  • Remote monitoring and control of the system through a mobile device.
  • Online data storage, monitoring, collecting, and 24/7 online storage of farming parameters / quantities.
  • Automatic process: Integrating automatic cooling, watering, feeding, ... system, saves labor in operating costs and minimizes errors caused by human.
  • Set up plans automatically according to the growing stage. Periodic reporting, easy access to farming history through visual charts.
  • Detect equipment faults quickly and alert the operator in time. Improving brand value for businesses.

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