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22/06/2020 - 17:10 PM

HES - Delta’s Hybrid Energy Saving System

The optimal upgrade for the plastic injection machine

1. Current Situation:

  • In the plastic injection factories, the hydraulic plastic injection machine is the device that consumes the largest amount of electricity, accounting for 75% of the electricity consumed by the whole plant.
  • The plastic injection machine uses energy from hydraulic pump motor through 2 main linear valve lines to control pressure and flow for hydraulic system.
  • In traditional plants, pump motors are started and run directly from grid voltage.
  • The oil pump motor operates at 100% capacity during operation, causing energy loss.
  • The oil pump motor runs at maximum speed, making the hydraulic oil hot quickly, leading to increased maintenance and maintenance costs.
  • In places where the supply voltage is low, unstable, the oil pump motor capacity is large, the starting current is high and the power grid and equipment life will be affected.

HES - Delta’s Hybrid Energy Saving System

Injection Molding Machines

2. Delta's solution:

To solve the above problem, Delta offers the solution “Hes: The ultimate energy-saving solution for plastic injection machines”.

The system structure includes:

Device nameFunctionModel NameAmount
Servo motor Servo HES - C Series HES- C Series 1
Delta inverterVFD-VJ inverterVFD-VJ Series 1
Pressure sensorsMeasure signal pressureWika A - 10 Series 1

HES - Delta’s Hybrid Energy Saving System

=> Principle:

There are 4 main energy consumption units in a traditional injection molding machine, namely hydraulic pump, glue heater, cooling system and control system components. Hydraulic pump systems consume the most energy and account for more than 75% of the total electricity consumed in a manufacturing process.

One cycle of molding machine includes: closing the mold, spraying glue, holding the pressure, shaping, opening the final mold to push the material out. Each stage requires a different pressure and flow. In all these processes, the machine only uses 100% of its capacity when in the filling process, the remaining processes only consume 40-60% of the pump capacity, wasting capacity.

The HES DELTA system provides precise pressure and flow control for each step, eliminating energy waste during pressure throttling. With the ability to save up to 80% of total operating energy compared to the old system, while improving engine life, hydraulic oil as well as improving productivity, increasing responsiveness and accuracy for the machine.

3. Benefits:

Comparison chart of power consumption between traditional machines and machines using HES system:

HES - Delta’s Hybrid Energy Saving System

  • Easily replace your old system in just 2 business days.
  • Outstanding energy saving 40-75%
  • 5-10% reduction in oil temperature increases oil and machine life
  • Fast 50ms frequency response, increased accuracy
  • Resistant to harsh environments, reduced vibration, oil resistance, and dust resistance.
  • Quick payback period 1.7-2 years

HES - Delta’s Hybrid Energy Saving System

DELTA’s Hybrid Energy Saving System (HES)

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