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22/06/2020 - 10:57 AM

Automotive industry

Production machinery used in the automotive industry relies heavily on continuous production. WAGO Automotive industryproducts provide this reliability. Screwless connecting technology can handle the toughest demands for special vehicles, e.g. vibration and shock resistance

Special Vehicles

WAGO terminal blocks are used daily in specialized transportation applications around the globe.Automotive industry

In particular, influences caused by

• Seasonal fluctuations of heat and cold

• Vibration and shock stress (travel)

• Corrosive environment (salt spray, ammonia)

All present a challenge to traditional clamping technology. Yet the WAGO CAGE CLAMP® stands unaffected by these adverse conditions.

WAGO X-COM-SYSTEM used in commercial vehicle production

Whether construction, earth moving, or garbage compaction machinery, BOMAG GmbH is the specialist in the area of hard conditions. Development, production and service for compaction machinery requires electronics to be dependable and flexible. For this reason, BOMAG uses WAGO X-COM-SYSTEM® made up of terminal blocks and connectors.Automotive industry

Production Lines

Production machinery used in the automotive industry relies heavily on continuous production. The reliability of individual components plays a large role in maintaining these expectations.Automotive industry


  WAGO products offer:

  • Maintenance free connections
  • Vibration-proof technology
  • Gas-tight connection which encourages long-term stability while providing corrosion resistance
  • And have proven themselves as an excellent choice in this industry for several decades

Optimal advanced technology at BMW

Benefits from WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM

The advanced technology sets specific demands on the fieldbus connections. Large quantities of inputs and outputs are scattered kilometers apart in various small groups.

Smart solution: Fieldbus technology in automotive production

WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 in body framing at NedCar

Automotive made in Japan – with German technology. The body framing production lines by NedCar are developed, manufactured and tested in Japan; they are then diassembled, shipped and reassembled in Born.

Here you may find Building automation references, which have been realized with WAGO components.

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