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22/06/2020 - 16:55 PM

Delta Articulated Robot for Conveyor Tracking Application



Sorting: For sorting small light-weight items, such as bagged cookies, metal nuts, medical gauze, etc. It is mainly used for industries like food and beverage, 3C, and packaging to assist the sorting and packaging section of the production line.

Processing: For uninterrupted multi-angle pipeline processing, such as gluing, soldering , appearance inspection, etc. The articulated robot can perform complex multi-angle works which greatly enhanced the operation efficiency.


On the conveyor belt, a machine vision system is installed at the front section and the Delta robot controller MS series is applied to constantly send DO signal to the machine vision system to trigger photo shoot. The conveyor motion is also controlled by the MS series using axis expansion via DMCNET protocol.

4-point learning: Take photo and mark 4 specific points on the inspection region (FOV). Identify the machine vision system coordinates and robot coordinates. Then use the coordinate conversion function to map the 4 specific points with the robot coordinates.

Anti-duplicate counting: When machine vision system detects the object on the conveyor belt and sends OK signal, the feature of this object and coordinates are passed into the robot controller register 101C ~ 105A via the serial port RS232 / RS485 (which can simultaneously store 10 sets of points). Meanwhile, the robot controller MS series starts to record conveyor belt position and calculate the expected coordinates of the next photo shoot and comparing with the coordinates of the actual photo taken. If the difference is less than certain percentage, it is recognize as the same object. Maximum workpiece: up to 100 workpieces can be stored at the register. First detected will first goes into processing zone.

Features and Advantages

User-friendly PC software

  • IEC61131-3 PLC programming
  • DRL programming
  • Traditional industrial robot setup
  • Smart robot system calibration
  • Real- time monitoring oscilloscopeg Industrial robot operation functions

Versatile functions

  • Supports single machine vision system tracking single conveyor belt, single machine vision system tracking multiple conveyor belts, two machine vision systems tracking single conveyor belt and many other diverse applications
  • Supports multiple suction grippers or regular grippers application
  • Provides motion program template, within 4 steps users can easily complete the coordinates matching of robots, vision system, and conveyor belts

System Benefits

  • Integrated design of robot controller and drive (Delta MS series) saves installation space and simplifies wiring
  • The robot controller acts like a workstation. It flexibly integrates surrounding devices to form a network which allows equipment to communicate between each other and enhances the system reliability. In addition, the articulated robot can perform non-stop multi-angle operation which provides ultimate operation flexibility with higher efficiency.

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