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01/04/2020 - 16:37 PM

Delta DIAView SCADA System Achieves Highly Efficient Smart Factory Management with Flexible Alarm Function and Hierarchical Notification

With progressive intellectualization and digitalization in factories, the demand for smart factory management has become a necessity. Through the integration of the internet and software, factory managers are able to monitor production status, processes and other details in real-time with all the equipment operation data collected. Most importantly, when emergencies or abnormalities occur, the factory management system can deliver real-time alert messages with precise timing, to efficiently prevent large risks and losses.

To meet industry demands, Delta’s DIAView SCADA System offers users the best solution for comprehensive factory equipment monitoring, and the SMS alarm function of the DIAView system dispatches real-time alert messages to managers in factories. With primary alert messages sent to responsible managers—usually on-site managers—the DIAView constantly monitors the emergency/abnormality elimination progress. The DIAView will send out secondary alert messages to superior managers if the issue is not resolved after a certain period of time, and then to top managers if necessary. This hierarchical notification function ensures safe equipment operation and efficient factory management.

DIAView can be flexibly applied in various environments such as household, municipal management and factories. For factory management, it can achieve real-time monitoring for both production equipment and factory facilities, including HVAC systems, water treatment, air compression and lighting. 

For example, an HVAC system contains several devices such as an AHU, cooling towers, cooling water circulating machines, ice water circulating machines, and more. The DIAView SCADA system can monitor the operation of all equipment in the HVAC system and collect data at the same time. When emergency situations occur, it will automatically deliver alert messages to the responsible managers’ mobile devices through its built-in SMS alarm function. If managers fail to resolve the abnormality, the alarm function will deliver the messages again to the managers’ supervisors, which can ensure safe factory operation by efficiently sending reminders to all related personnel about the equipment’s error status.

To fulfill the demand for efficient factory alarm functions, Delta provides a complete solution that provides the technical structure for smart factory management. For equipment data collection, Delta adopts its Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switch DVS Series that connects all controllers for the on-site equipment. The collected data is transmitted to the superior controllers, the Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS 300 Series, via Ethernet communication protocol. Managers can choose to manually give commands via the extended Human Machine Interface DOP Series to achieve equipment control. In addition, the DVS Series also transmits the collected data to the DIAView SCADA system, which allows the managers to monitor real-time factory operation as well as to set the threshold variables for the alarm function. When an error occurs during equipment operation, DIAView will receive the abnormal data and deliver the alert messages to the responsible managers via a SMS message sending device to achieve real-time error notification.

In actual applications, the alarm function of Delta’s DIAView SCADA system brings the following advantages to our clients:

  • Threshold setup for alarm variables :
The DIAView SCADA system provides a highly flexible parameter setting. Users can set up an alarm’s threshold values for the corresponding on-site equipment via the DIAView interface according to operation requirements.

  • Real-time and hierarchical SMS dispatch :
Delta’s SMS alarm function adopts both real-time message dispatch and a hierarchical delivery function. If an alert takes place for a certain amount of time which the manager fails to resolve, then this system will deliver alert messages to superior managers, and, after a while, to top managers until the issue is resolved. This function assures any factory error status can be resolved in time to achieve effective factory management.

  • Real-time alarm display and log history :
When an error occurs, the DIAView instantly displays alert messages to notify the on-site managers. In addition, with historical data collected and managed, users can track down the event log within a certain period of time by simply keying in the start and end times in the system. This feature enables managers to easily track problems and maintain management.

Delta’s DIAView SCADA system provides a built-in alarm function to build flexible and reliable factory management solutions for our customers. By increasing the error response rate, Delta successfully reduces the risk of hazards and production waste, leading to greater industry competitiveness.

Delta DIAView SCADA System Achieves Highly Efficient Smart Factory Management with Flexible Alarm Function and Hierarchical Notification

News Source: IABGMarcom

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