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01/04/2020 - 16:37 PM

Delta Smart HVAC Control Panel

Integrated with existing building automation system via standard BACnet and Modbus protocols, Delta's Smart HVAC Control Panel provides easy-of-use, energy-efficient heating ventilation and air conditioning solutions for buildings.

Delta Smart HVAC Control Panel
Features & Benefits
  • UL 508 complied Panel Design
  • Closed-loop Fan Cooled Cabinet
  • Standard Sequencing Pressure, Flow and Motor Speed
  • Power Restore Mode Sequence
  • VFD Parameters Control via Network
  • Precision induction motor controls through internal PID capabilities
  • Bypass Hand/OFF/Auto switch
  • Motor Overload protection by circuit breakers
  • Ease of use: Three Cables In, Three Cables Out
  • Energy efficient VFD controls lower energy cost
  • Integration with existing Building Automation System via standard BACnet and Modbus protocols
  • Multi Sequence of Operation Application Available
  • Reduces stress and expands life cycle motor
  • Interlocks damper control, to ensuring preventing damage to duct work
  • Internal mounted VFD options: 15 HP, 20 HP, 25 HP, 30 HP, 40 HP or 50 HP
  • Cooling towers
  • Chiller pump system
  • Air handler units
  • Wastewater pumps
  • Domestic water booster system
  • Irrigation water pumps
  • Oil beam pumps

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